Nissan Utilitaries

Automotive Industry

In this industry, it has been possible to replace plastic components reinforced with fiberglass by senora thermometer parts with the highest brightness and a Class A quality surface.

Senosan is the market leader in the field of small vehicles for the following reasons:

  • Materials with excellent resistance to UV rays
  • Equality of colors during and between material runs
  • Use of high impact materials and resistant to high temperatures (ABS and ABS / PC of high impact and surfaces of the high efficiency of PMMA)
  • Support in the techniques of adjustment, adhesion, and reinforcement of technological applications
  • The highest surface quality according to the specifications of the automotive industry

The trend towards individualism, new driving technologies and the demand for special purpose vehicles reduce the number of automobile runs of established producers. Due to low investment costs, the reformado is becoming increasingly attractive as a technology in itself. As a leader in quality and due to our many years of experience in the automotive industry, Senoplast is an ideal partner for the realization of new vehicles.

The goal was to develop a thermoplastic co-extruded sheet with a surface called “soft feel” (TPU) on a high impact ABS substrate. The potential markets were the utility vehicle industry, the caravan or trailer industry, but also the automotive and bus industry, among others.

We Do The Transport For You

The management of critical accounts of DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics has a lot of knowledge of the industry and years of experience in the development of customized and effective logistics solutions, currently for 15 international members of the automotive supplier’s industry. Only those who are familiar with the industry can provide advice to their clients in an old and expeditious manner. With their extensive knowledge of the express and charter services sector, our experts not only see themselves as their advisers but also as their partners.

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